Thursday, August 13, 2015

#RaisingMixedRace ~ BOOK UPDATE ~ August 13


Alright time for another check in. We've all been waiting, waiting for my forthcoming book Raising Mixed Race: Multiracial Asian Children in a Post-Racial World. And I have good news. It's COMING. Last I wrote to you things had mightily stalled because of a publisher merger/acquisition. Original release date was supposed to have been June but we weren't anywhere close in May. There was a lot of frustration all around. But since that time the wheel has started turning again and the outlook is super good! So here's where we're at now...

I know the publishing process can seem super confusing.  Honestly I still feel confused by it a lot of the time (especially being a first-time author). "Wait, it's done right? Oh it's not done. It is done? No. It isn't." Quick run down of how this all goes. I do my research, write my manuscript and submit it to the publisher. That takes years usually. From the point of submission, there's still another 9 months to a year on the publisher's end cleaning the manuscript up, preparing it for publishing, then producing, binding, and finally releasing it. Raising Mixed Race officially began this process at the beginning of the summer. It has already been checked, prepared, allocated, assessed and scheduled. Now it's at the tail-end of copyediting. Next it will be typeset. Then proofs will be created, checked, revised. Once all this is done, around late fall the manuscript will be finalized and subsequently printed, bound and published. Phew! Expected publication is mid-December 2015. Fingers (still) crossed.

In the mean time, please make sure you Like/Follow Raising Mixed Race on Facebook --- if you're on Facebook -- which is where I'm centering most of the updates. On that page take a look and see which incredible scholars have already started pre-reviewing the manuscript: Laura Kina of War Baby / Love Child, Greg Carter of The United States of the United Races, and Minelle Mahtani of Mixed Race Amnesia (and of course check out their work too!). And lastly, big news, I am so excited to announce I will be premiering Raising Mixed Race this September at Hapa-palooza in Vancouver B.C.!! This will include reading from the book and sharing some of my research as well as workshopping with parents around how we can support our mixed race children growing up in a racialized world. I would like to extend my warmest invitation to all of you to join me if you can. Hope to see you soon.


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