Tuesday, May 26, 2015

#RaisingMixedRace ~ BOOK UPDATE ~ May 26

Many of you know (and hopefully are as excited as me!) that I've got my first book in the works, Raising Mixed Race: Multiracial Asian Children in a Post-Racial World. But what many of you don't know and have been asking me a lot recently is, "What's going on? Is it done? When's it coming out?"

For sure.

First, I hear you. Second, I am SO PLEASED you're looking forward to this important book being released. Three, I value you-the-reader more than words can say. What would any of this writing be without your eyes, minds, and thoughts? Writing that is never read, lives alone. You make it worthwhile. You make the change happen by joining the conversation and spreading the word. It's so much about us together. And that's why I'm 100% committed to keeping you in the loop. So. Here's a book update especially for you...

I started researching Raising Mixed Race in 2009 and on January 30th of this year submitted my full, final manuscript to my publisher Paradigm. Our original plan was to produce, copy-edit, and finalize across winter/spring for a summer release . But (as my son's first preschool teacher always used to say): Things Change. In February when my book was supposed to have entered production, I was notified Paradigm had been acquired by Routledge. Even though the hope was to stick to our original timeline, in reality the acquisition ended up resetting the entire production process back to square one (I'm making a sad face).

So. Now we're here.

Last update given to me was a hopeful though very delayed release of November. I know. I feel disappointed and frustrated about that too. My fingers are mightily crossed the book still comes out this year, but it's out of my hands at this juncture. The good news is that Routledge is a huge and very reputable publisher with not only international distribution but lots, and lots, and lots, of titles aligned with work like mine. Meanwhile, I did get the green light to preview/read from my book and share some of the research as we wait! Be looking out for my first appearance to do so. I'll announce it BIG when it happens. You should also know I'm a pretty squeaky wheel and poke at the publisher on a weekly basis (wink, wink). That may or may not help, but it can't hurt right?

Here's what you can do to help -->

  • I started a Facebook page for the book where I'll be posting everything related to Raising Mixed Race. Definitely check in and follow (if you're on Facebook).  
  • I try to keep writing in various formats so my "eggs aren't all in one basket". The downside is it can be hard to follow when I'm publishing across platforms. I've compiled it all on Pinterest. Again take a look, come back incrementally, and of course follow (if you're on Pinterest).
  • Lastly, please use the hashtag #RaisingMixedRace every time you refer to the book esp. on social media. The more we do this, the more buzz we generate. I'm collecting mentions and putting them in one place. Hopefully all of this will convince the publisher of the need to press forward sooner, rather than later.

Time is of the essence right? And the time -- is now.



  1. Hi Sharon,

    I have a small suggestion. Please, please, please can you address the question of the vast majority of mixed raced Asians having white fathers?

    I feel like especially for boys, the boys suffer from the knowledge that they are inferior or undesirable by virtue of the fact that Asian women on the whole are the most adamant about dating out.

    I know this for a fact because I myself will never be able to come to terms with my mother's "preference." In fact, I'd like to view myself as being on equal footings in terms of desirability as white people but the fact that only a white male (especially a very, very racist one as my father) was good enough to contribute to my birth.

    1. Hi Charles

      Thanks for your honesty and for sharing with us. You make very important, painful and real points. There's absolutely a section in the book on white men + Asian wives and also on proximity to whiteness because, as you note, there's incredibly powerful socio-political pull in this direction. Much history there and larger frameworks pushing/directing families. Hope you'll take a look when it comes out later this year...

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