Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Book Review & Author Interview: "Oh, Oh, Baby Boy!"

artwork copyright 2013 by Janine Macbeth
by Sharon H Chang

In a world that can seem so crazy scary, in the midst of all the school violence that I know is on every parents' mind right now, in the frantic feeling I often get that I don't know how to protect my son in this place -- I find myself searching. Searching for hope, strength, courage. Something, anything that can reinstate my belief in humanity and a conviction that we can rise above our limitations to become better as a people. Something that will make me feel good about the future my son is growing into. There are days I think I can't or won't find it. But then, I do. And it's not in academia. Not in the (so-called) news. Not on the Net or social media. Maybe sometimes not even in justice movements or fights for equity and change. But in the smaller places and spaces of our lives. In the profound and inspired everyday acts of individuals and the caring, kind, and loving relationships we are so so capable of having with each other.

This Father's Day I have a really special children's book and author to share with you.