Saturday, May 24, 2014

3 New Books by Radical Women of Color Scholars

Yesterday I had (childcare) and the very great privilege of going to a book talk by 3 recently-published-superhero-smart women of color scholars at the University of Washington:

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Leilani Nishime
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 Suhanthie Motha

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 Megan Bang

The event was put together and hosted by the university's fairly new but super kickass group WIRED: Women Investigating Race, Ethnicity, and Difference, "An organization dedicated to providing participants professional advice, intellectual stimuli and support in balancing demands at home and work." Members are assistant professors and mostly women of color. I pretty much live-tweet almost every talk I go to these days. Why? I like the brevity, the real-time interaction online (i.e. folks from all over the world listen & weigh-in), and the ability to string simple notes together post-event in a Storify Slideshow. I feel like so many of us deeply care but just don't have the time, ability, access, educational privilege (possibly even patience) etc to get to or into these kinds of things. On the flipside Twitter is a widely accessible platform which sort of forces us to get points across in fewer, plainer words. That can be really annoying and disempowering in some arenas, but for jargonny academics, theorists, "experts" I think a good challenge AND maybe more importantly an opportunity for all - not just some - to participate. So in the interest of public access and easier entry-points into knowledge I think everyone should be able to partake in -- without further ado here's my short and hopefully sweet Storify Slideshow of UW + WIRED's "Cultural Orientations: New Books in Visual Media, Science, and Language Education." Enjoy!

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