Monday, February 17, 2014

When I Went to See America Inaugurate its 1st President of Color

I make absolutely no statements here on how I feel about Barack Obama as President nor his presidency overall. But I will make one definitive statement with absolute certainty. My husband and I were there when America inaugurated its first President of color -- and it truly was a beautiful thing. I am forever grateful we made this trip before we had children and at a time when I was physically capable of doing so. This is the (admittedly kind of cheesy) home video I made documenting our journey back east to be part of the historic event. When I watch it now of course I think on all the enormous struggles we have had as a nation and continue to have. But I also feel maybe more than a glimmer of hope. Which frankly, is sometimes hard to come by. So. I share this moment in our lives with you as a reminder that things really can change, do change, and that we shouldn't give up. Ever.

Happy Watching and to Hoping Always...
President's Day 2014


Music Credits

"Lean On Me"
Written and performed by Bill Withers

"A Long Walk"
Written by Jill Scott and Andre Harris
Performed by Jill Scott

Written and performed by The Isley Brothers

"Air and Simple Gifts"
Written by John Williams
Performed by Yo-Yo Ma, Anthony McGill, Gabriela Montero and Itzhak Perlman

"Star Spangled Banner"
Performed by Jordin Sparks

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